Determining the value of a Modigliani painting

Modigliani Experts offer a complete range of appraisal services, from simple informal evaluations to formal official appraisals.

We provide appraisals for every purpose:

  • Before a purchase to know how much it is really worth
  • For personal information
  • For insurance
  • For moving and shipping insurance
  • In case of an insurance claim
  • For insurance agents
  • For insurance underwriters
  • For insurance adjusters
  • For distribution value in the case of an estate or divorce
  • If a tax deductible donation will be made
  • Or in case of a gift for tax purposes
  • When doing estate planning
  • Valuing an estate
  • Valuation for any tax purpose
  • To value an inventory
  • In case of fraud or misrepresentation
  • For import or export requirements
  • Before a sale or liquidation
  • To update an old appraisal

If you need to appraise the value of a painting, drawing or anything else by Amadeo Modigliani, you will receive quick and courteous service from the appraisers at Modigliani Experts.


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